Leading With Heart: A CEO’s View On A People-First Approach

In an enlightening interview hosted by Transform’s Co-Founder and GM, Samara Jaffe, Sarah Franklin, the CEO of Lattice, opened up about the critical importance of a people-first approach in business. The conversation highlighted Lattice’s latest advancement, Lattice AI, which leverages the wealth of data accessible to Chief People Officers and People Leaders, transforming it into actionable insights. This innovative tool not only streamlines processes in engagement, performance, and compensation but also addresses unconscious biases such as recency and proximity, making interactions more personalized and genuinely human through technology.

Sarah’s philosophy that “when people thrive, the business thrives,” emphasizes the importance of the Chief People Officer role. She articulated that people represent 70% of a company’s investment, making their well-being and development a pivotal element of organizational success.

Sarah’s dedication to a people-centric philosophy traces back to her childhood, influenced by her mother, a teacher of over 30 years, and her 15-year career at Salesforce, where she learned the value of empowering people through technology. Her decision to lead Lattice was driven by its mission to enhance the quality of work for employees, recognizing that people spend a substantial portion of their lives at work.

For leaders looking to foster a thriving company culture, Sarah emphasizes the essential partnership between the CEO and the Chief People Officer/CHRO. She advocates for a relationship built on trust, with open and honest communication about all aspects of the business, from financials to personnel. The CHRO, according to Sarah, should be someone who offers honest feedback that contributes to leadership growth and company development.

Sarah’s insights provide a roadmap for leaders aiming to build environments where transparency, empowerment, and personal development are paramount, ensuring every employee has the opportunity to succeed in their role.

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