Creating A Community For Hybrid Workforces

In an engaging interview at The Desk, Samara Jaffe, Co-founder and GM of Transform, met with Tom Whitty, the EVP of Workplace Solutions, at Upflex to discuss building community in a hybrid workforce environment. Since its inception in 2017, Upflex has been at the forefront of hybrid work solutions, providing a platform that facilitates on-demand coworking spaces across the globe. This enables employees to connect and collaborate effectively, regardless of their location.

Originally designed to support remote workers, Upflex saw a surge in demand as the pandemic necessitated a shift towards hybrid work models. The platform has since evolved from a practical solution for companies reducing their physical office spaces to a strategic tool aimed at enhancing workplace culture for distributed teams.

The transition in Upflex’s user base, from real estate heads to broader organizational leadership, reflects a shift in focus toward using space as a means to foster a corporate culture of connection. To optimize the virtual workspace experience, Upflex collaborates with employee experience experts to craft a tailored playbook, develops specific use cases with clients, and engages domain experts to enhance its network and technology, making it a strategic partner for companies.

Today, Upflex offers more than flexibility and reduced risk in workspace management. With over 11,000 workspaces available globally on six continents, it focuses on creating impactful moments that bring teams together, reinforcing the importance of connection in a hybrid work setting.