Congratulations to our finalists!

Considerations before you nominate

Thank you for taking part in the global Transform Awards to honor the most forward-thinking organizations, people initiatives, and leaders of the year!

How you can participate:

  • Nominate a leader for The Transform 10 which recognizes the ten most inspirational executive leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs challenging the status quo, and setting a new standard for people-driven leadership

  • Nominate your company for any or all of the 15 company-level awards across DEI, mental health, employee experience, L&D, and more. 

Nominating take less than 10 minutes per award. If you need more time, please contact

If you’d like to preview the questions before you get started, you can do so here.

How were the nominations judged?

Each nomination, whether for a company or an individual, was evaluated and scored by a panel of expert judges.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners were announced early in March of 2023 in the weeks leading up to the Transform 2023 conference.

How will winners be recognized?

We celebrate finalists and winners on our social channels and highlight select winners at Transform 2023 through onstage recognition, signage, and more!

Team Builder: Connected Culture of the Year

Celebrates the company with the most thoughtful and effective model for creating a thriving distributed workforce.

Inclusion Champion: DEI Initiative of the Year

Celebrates the company with the most sustainable and impactful approach to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Difference Maker: Social Impact Initiative of the Year

Recognizes the company that exhibits passion for serving others, making a positive impact in the lives of their employees and local communities.

Boundary Breaker: Hybrid Work Policy of the Year

Recognizes the company rising to meet the needs of their employees through innovations in their workforce policies.

Space Pioneer: Workspace Design of the Year

Recognizes the company delivering the year’s most unique, unconventional workspace design to inspire productivity, collaboration, and creativity in the workplace.

People Activator: Employee Experience of the Year

Goes to the company with the most exciting approach to building an incredible employee experience to attract, retain, and grow their people.

Team Magnet: Talent Acquisition Strategy of the Year

Recognizes the company with the most exciting and exceptional approach to recruiting and onboarding.

Rewards Trailblazer: Total Rewards Innovation of the Year

Recognizes the company with the most forward-thinking approach to total rewards that includes a compensation, equity, benefits, and perks package that reflects the true value they place in their people.

Rewards Trailblazer_Keep Financial

Wellness Driver: Mental Health Program of the Year

Recognizes the company with the most holistic, progressive, and positive approach to supporting employee mental health.

Family Ally: Caregiver Program of the Year

Recognizes the company that shows appreciation for people and their families first with the most generous and inclusive caregiver leave policies.

People Accelerator: L&D Program of the Year

Celebrates the company with this year’s best approach to supporting the goals, growth, and potential of its workforce through higher learning, mentorship, and career pathing.

Mission Messenger: Employer Brand of the Year

Recognizes the employer that’s making a name for itself among job seekers, employees, and the general public as being a simply great company to work for.

Data Master: People Reporting & Insights of the Year

Recognizes the employer setting the bar for use of data, analytics, and insights to improve their people-strategy decision making.

Power Pair: Executive Partnership of the Year

Celebrates the power of partnership to lead business transformation. This pair exemplifies how strategic alignment between business operations and people operations drives positive outcomes for the business and its people.

Power Pair_Affirm

Industry Mobilizer: Inspiring Resource of the Year

Recognizes the most inspiring and valued educational resource for the Transform community. A resource may be a blog, podcast, online community, email series, etc.

Brown Table Talk