Author Spotlight: Jacob Morgan

Transform Author Spotlight Series

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About The Author

Jacob Morgan is a 5x best-selling author, TED and keynote speaker, and professionally trained futurist. His passion and mission are to create great leaders, engaged employees, and future-ready organizations. His most recent book is Leading With Vulnerability.

About The Book and the Inspiration Behind It

Q: Share with us the moment(s) that inspired you to write your book, Leading With Vulnerability.


  • Having a series of panic attacks
  • Talking and working with a lot of CEOs who acknowledged the value of vulnerability but also the uncertainty of how to make it applicable at work

Q: What are the key points or thoughts you want to have the most impact on readers?


  • Don’t be vulnerable at work, instead lead with vulnerability
  • Vulnerability alone can cause more harm than good at work
  • Vulnerability at work is not the same as it is at home and vulnerability for leaders is not the same as it is for non-leaders
  • How to lead with vulnerability
  • Why so many struggle with this

Q: Describe the target audience for your book, Leading With Vulnerability.

A: Current and aspiring leaders

Q: What unique experience do you as the author bring to Leading With Vulnerability and its subject matter?


  • Interview of 100+ CEOs, and a survey of 14,000 employees.
  • A unique book focused on vulnerability — specifically at work and for leaders

About the Reader

Q: Describe what a leader/organization looks like one year after reading your book, Leading With Vulnerability, and committing to its teachings. 

A: Culture of combining competence with vulnerability, being able to connect with people through vulnerability but also having the accountability and responsibility to focus on competence

Q: Considering a reader who just finished your book, Leading With Vulnerability, and is processing all the great insights, what is the first step they should like to operationalize their learning?

A: Build their vulnerability mountain

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