Transform Global Ambassadorship Program

Transform brings together a diverse community of thought leaders from around the world. Our Transform Global Ambassadorship Program is key to reaching thought leaders everywhere, inspiring more impactful innovations, and fostering more meaningful connections, globally.

What is Transform?

Transform is the ecosystem that connects people-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors to influence strategy, ignite innovation, and shape the future of work.

Through a curated combination of events, awards, social impact initiatives, and thought leadership media channels, Transform exists to:

→ Foster relationships and human connection
→ Shape the future of people-driven leadership
→ Inspire WorkTech innovation
→ Mobilize companies to do good for the broader community
→ Transform the workforce, workplace, and work of the future

Calling all global change-makers and community builders.​

Being a Transform Lead Ambassador in your city, country or region is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic global community with limitless avenues for engagement and growth.

As a lead ambassador, you’ll play an important part in building and nurturing a unique network that provides value to Transform, ambassadors and community members across the world.
You can also get involved as as part of the team supporting your city’s lead ambassador or in their senior leader board of advisors.

Let’s build a thriving global community, together.

Key Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Be part of a dynamic global community with limitless avenues for engagement and growth
  • Build your thought leadership brand on a global stage
  • Expand and deepen your network through the community’s board of advisors
  • Access cutting-edge future of work reports and content
  • Accelerate innovation in the local and global communities
  • Access equity-advisor and investment opportunities in innovative companies
  • Up to 15 complimentary tickets for the Transform Conference in Las Vegas

Key Benefits for Transform

  • Strong local communities that engage both in-person and online
  • Real-time insight into local, regional, and global market trends
  • Insight and advice that can help companies scale faster globally
  • Stronger local presence in cities and countries around the world, driving engagement, and expanding the Transform brand at a grassroots level

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