Perceptions of Financial Insecurity in America

The economic collapse of COVID-19 and the widespread recognition of racial injustice are shining a light on long standing issues within our financial system–issues that many Americans acknowledged long before these events. Pre-COVID, in the second half of 2019, Commonwealth conducted a representative survey of 2,000 workers yielded stunning results for an economy that was purportedly booming. Yet, even then more than 80% of Americans said they saw financial insecurity as a major problem–one that could happen at any income level. The current disruption and upheaval across the country, though uncomfortable and distressing, provides an unprecedented opportunity for the nation’s corporations to help solve this pervasive problem. This research was undertaken with a special eye on the business leaders who have influence on corporate behavior, public thought, and policy action – and are critical to overcoming financial insecurity. In this session you will hear, for the very first time, the findings of this new groundbreaking report and hear how businesses and HR leaders can apply these learnings to build a financially secure workforce and work to ensure a just economy.

Timothy Flacke, Executive Director, Commonwealth
Kristen Holt, President and CEO, GreenPath Financial Wellness
Rebecca Liebman, CEO, LearnLux