Mental Health During Tumultuous Times

The tumultuous events of 2020 incited many Americans to seek out mental healthcare — but more than 41% of those who sought this care say their employer-sponsored mental health benefits did not meet all of their needs. This high statistic doesn’t include those people who gave up on seeking care entirely, due to the difficulty or high employee cost of receiving treatment.

David Hanrahan, CHRO of Eventbrite, sat down with April Koh, CEO & Founder of Spring Health, to discuss the current state of mental health overall, how dynamics have shifted over the past year, best practices for evaluating mental health benefits as an HR professional to support yourselves and your employees successfully during these uncertain times, and key takeaways for your own organizations.

David Hanrahan, CHRO, Eventbrite 
April Koh, CEO & Founder, Spring Health