4 Ways to Delete Bias From Your Job Postings

Not getting qualified applicants to your job postings? It probably has something to do with those skill bullets. If you’re staring down a laundry list of requirements and qualifications you’re not even sure matter, don’t miss this live rewrite session with Katrina Kibben and Caitlyn Metteer. Bring a job post that’s hard to fill or low retention and rewrite your post live. They will be offering live, rapid-fire rewrites. Yes, live rewriting and advice! Just wait. The best part happens after the session when you’ll see how a few simple bullets can transform the performance of your job posting.

Featured Speakers:

Katrina Kibben, CEO & Founder, Three Ears Media

Caitlyn Metteer, Director, Recruiting, Lever

Presented By:

Monday, March 14th 01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Location: Castellana 2