Emotional Support: Showing Compassion for Your Workforce

“Sarah Sheehan, co-founder and president of Bravely, an employee-coaching firm, told From Day One: “This moment in time has given me permission to ask my team personal questions that two weeks ago may have felt awkward asking or spending a large chunk of time discussing,” says Sheehan, who often holds meetings with her new baby on her lap. “I feel an enormous amount of gratitude to be able to share my own personal struggles, which are many, and listen to theirs as well. I am starting to get to know people in a newer way and it feels quite wonderful.” An added benefit: “Doing this will help you to stay engaged, rather than check out to manage your stress.”

“Business leaders have a unique opportunity to support their workers in new and creative ways–in fact, they are counting on you to do so. ”

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