Real Talk – Burnout and Mental Health

One out of five U.S. adults experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. Nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work. These were true even before the Pandemic. Burnout, stress, and anxiety are significant issues in the workplace, and society generally, especially now. In this […]

The Post COVID Workplace: Office Culture Isn’t Dead

Navigating worklife in COVID times is taxing enough, but 2020 has seen major disruption beyond the pandemic. For Credit Karma employees in particular, it has been a year of significant change, between the announcement of Intuit’s plan to acquire the company, the mental and emotional fatigue felt by the social injustice gripping the country, adjusting […]

Perspectives on the Future of Work

Leaders from the HR Transform community share their perspective on how the future of work has changed in 2020! Check it out!

Making Remote Work For You

There have always been forward thinking organizations that understood remote teams and work from home flexibility were not just a perk but a strategic decision to attract the best talent, support employee wellness and create high performing teams. Fast forward to 2020 and work from home became a necessity for all companies. Leadership has seen […]

Perceptions of Financial Insecurity in America

The economic collapse of COVID-19 and the widespread recognition of racial injustice are shining a light on long standing issues within our financial system–issues that many Americans acknowledged long before these events. Pre-COVID, in the second half of 2019, Commonwealth conducted a representative survey of 2,000 workers yielded stunning results for an economy that was […]

Transformation of the Executive Mindset

A mindset is defined as a fixed state of mind. But our current environment has no place for anything to be fixed. Explore how change is flowing through an entire organization from the way the Board evaluates CEO performance and risk to how the CEO must be focused on defining clarity of mission to the […]

Activate Your Allyship

This moment of reckoning with racial injustice is calling for people in positions of power and privilege to step up and step forward in the work of active allyship. In this session, panelists will discuss how to move beyond performative actions to practicing active allyship behaviors that truly advance equity and inclusion for marginalized people’s […]

Recruiting in the Time of COVID

The coronavirus outbreak presents an unprecedented challenge for recruiting teams around the world. What does successful recruiting even look like in such an uncertain environment? This session explores the present and future of recruiting as it relates to the pandemic. Featuring: Cara Brennan Allamano, SVP, People, Places and Learning, Udemy Matt Hoffman, Partner, Head of […]

Why the Office Still Matters: The Power of Connections

Our return to the office presents an opportunity to rethink our relationship to our work and to each other. Join Tony and Chris as they explore what a more connected work experience looks and feels like – and how they are helping to bring those experiences to life. Featuring: Christopher M. Good, Creative Director, One […]

Courageous Conversations About Race in the Workplace

As leaders we are in uncharted territory. This is a reason for all of us to pause, reflect and build new inclusive leadership capabilities. It is time to talk about the third rail in the workplace, RACE. It is time for courageous conversations that will position each one of us to play a role in […]